1. 做尿液常規檢驗或尿液細菌培養時使用。
  2. 留尿時間以早晨起床後第一泡尿為最好,如無法配合,則任何時段之隨機尿液檢體亦可使用。
  3. 採檢尿液前,建議先請清潔尿道口。(非絕對必要)
  4. 請收集中段尿液檢體。先排出一些尿液,再將隨後排出之尿液盛接於乾淨之容器中,約10ml即可,而後半段之尿即不用收集。
  5. 婦女如正值月經期間最好暫不檢查。或告知醫師,依醫師指示決定是否進行檢查。
  6. 尿液收集後,請儘快於1~2小時內送檢。(新鮮尿液檢體最好)如無法立即送檢,請冷藏保存。


Instructions for Specimen Collection of Urine Examination 

  1. This specimen is used for urine routine and urine bacterial culture examination
  2. The ideal time to collect the sample is early in the morning just after getting out of bed. If not, you can collect random urine specimen.
  3. Please clean up the opening of the urethra before you start to collect the urine sample.
  4. Allow the first portion of the urine into the toilet and collect 10ml of urine from mid-stream urine in a clean container.
  5. Female patients are advised against taking the urine examination during menstruation.
  6. Deliver your urine sample to the examination room within one hour of collection.
  7. If unable to return the sample to the examination room within 1~2 hours, the sample can be stored in the refrigerator.

If you have any question please call:02-2249-0088 ext.1402