Breast Health Care Center

Breast Health Care Center team member organization


The incidence of "breast disease" is rising among the world's population. Among them, breast cancer is the most fearful. According to the National Health Agency's announcement, there are more than 10,000 new cases of breast cancer in Taiwan every year. Therefore, people are alert to breast diseases. The vast majority of breast disease are still benign diseases, requiring long-term assessment, and tracking of correct cognitive awareness, to help reduce wrong perceptions or panic, and can be found in early breast cancer. We Integrated our team to get early intervention of breast cancer, increase cure rate, improve survival rate and maintain high quality of life. It is imperative to integrate resources for rapid diagnosis, provide personalized education and tracking. The establishment of the Breast Health Management Center is expected to be of great help to the health of the local people and, in the future, hopefully to the world.


The Breast Health Care Center is set up to implement a patient-centered medical treatment, with a focus on effective integration of resources, and tailored breast cancer pilot treatment programs.


  1. Integrate assessment, treatment and tracking of breast disease to reduce follow-up problems caused by treatment.
  2. Provide personalized education advice.
  3. Actively improve the quality of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  4. Continue to give care to patients.
  5. Comprehensive research on breast diseases.
  6. Innovative and persistent development.