Emergency Department

Shuang-ho hospital was founded in July, 2008 as well as the department of emergency medicine.

For overcrowding issue, our department was re-built in Sep. 2011 in order to provide better service and quality of care. All area in Emergency department were redesigned, and also several area were added, i.e., pediatric observation room, operation room, cleaning room and the path for a toxic disaster.

ED is staffed by emergency specialist 24/7. The facility is equipped with X-ray equipment, CT scanner, bedside ultrasound, and online computer access to patient clinical information.

The major missions of Shuang Ho Department of Emergency department are best quality care for all patients as well as excellence in teaching and research.


Emergency department has security operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the hospital. Our team of physicians and nurses are trained in emergency medicine. Handing more than 100,000 patients each year, physicians are skilled in making rapid assessments and clinical decision in a wide variety of cases.

Our private emergency rooms are equipped with the most advanced technology available for diagnostics and treatment. We offer triage and treatment area, a comprehensive, on-site laboratory, a radiology department, for patients.