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#Overseas Patients

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#International Healthcare Exchange

  • Application requirement
  1. The copy of the passport or ID card
  2. The copy of the diploma and related license or certificate, such as a medical license
  3. Proof of clinical work experience at least one full year of post-graduate clinical work (this document must be less than 6 months old)
  4. A personal statement indicating why you wish to participate in our residency program and your interests in learning
  5. Certificate of Health, including (1) Chest X-ray for Pulmonary Tuberculosis (2) Hepatitis B status (3) Serological Test for Syphilis (4) Proof of Positive Measles and Rubella Antibody or Measles and Rubella Vaccination Certificates (3. and 4. only for training duration longer than three months)
  6. Others, such as the letter of recommendation
  • Training in Shuang Ho Hospital
  1. Every trainee is assigned a preceptor who will be responsible for the overall objectives of the elective program and relevant issues.
  2. Every trainee will be given an introduction about NTUH’s environment after registration.
  3. According to the laws of Taiwan (ROC), trainees are not allowed to execute clinical work without a physician’s practice license in Taiwan.
  4. Tracking the learning objectives: During the elective program at NTUH, the trainee’s preceptor will modify the program as required through regular meetings with the trainee.
  5. Every trainee might be charged the tuition fee.
  6. Questionnaire: Completion of this questionnaire at the conclusion of the elective program is mandatory before a completion certificate will be issued.

#International Collaboration

Shuang Ho Hospital has paved the way for mutual collaboration with 31 foreign hospitals or healthcare sister institutions, such as holding annual international symposium with Southern Tohoku Hospital Group, Japan, Federal Siberian Research Clinical Centre, Russia, Hokkaido University Hospital, Japan and Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea respectively and receiving over 4,000 foreign guests or visitors from over 30 countries across the world.


#Taiwan Health Center in the Republic of the Marshall Islands Project

In 2007, the Republic of China (Taiwan) government established the Taiwan Health Center in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). The purpose is to provide medical care and public health education to Marshallese people.

Shuang Ho Hospital has undertaken the project of Taiwan Health Center in 2013. We developed many healthcare programs in accordance with the major health issues of the Marshallese population. Under the supervision of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Taiwan Health Center cooperates with various local medical institutions in order to promote public health in the Marshall Islands.


#Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Eastern Hospital Project

Shuang Ho Hospital has undertaken the project of Ningbo Medical Center Lihuili Eastern Hospital in 2013. We provide advanced hospital management concept to Ningbo China Health Ningbo Medical Centre.