Emergency Education Center (EEC)

Since April, 14th , 2016, Shuang Ho Hospital Emergency Education Center (EEC) has provided life support trainings as well as provided planning and implementation of medical support on public events.


Emergency and first aid training course:

CPR or BLS course is provided for all individuals to save lives and other more advance courses are for medical personnel. Our ACLS, PALS, and BLS, CPR, …, et al, classes are taught by boarded-certificated healthcare providers with emergency and critical care background.


Course: https://shh.tmu.edu.tw/page/NewsDetail.aspx?seq_no=20181218135100215455

Contact: Ms. Chuang(莊小姐)(02)22490088-1232

Email: 18850@s.tmu.edu.tw


Medical planning and implementation of medical support:

Through a hospital-based center, we are integrating the medical manpower and equipment and prehospital resources to upgrade medical care on large-scale public activities. With understanding of the event and venue, the forward thinking, creative and inclusive planning, the overall goal of safety and an enjoyable event can be achieved! All members are well-trained and required to complete standard training course associated with medical, trauma and mass-gathering event on regular basis, such as ACLS and ETTC. With sophisticated medical equipment and supplies such as first aid kits, AED, defibrillators and ambulance, reliable medical backups could be provided.


Contact:  Ms. Chen(陳小姐)(02)22490088- 1233

Email: shheec@s.tmu.edu.tw