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Unique features of Shuang Ho Hospital’s Department of Family Medicine

A Lifetime of Care

The department provides premarital health examination and consultation, infant care, adolescent, adult, to elderly health care. Our family doctors are able to provide a lifetime of health care for you and your family.

Comprehensive Treatment

Patients may present with different health problems at any given time; a disease may have many complications. When this is the case, you can receive inter-departmental medical care through your family doctor without having to arrange for different specialists yourself. If there’s a need for further treatment by other medical specialists, your family doctor will be able to refer you to the specialists and coordinate your treatment.

Regular Health Examinations

The family doctor will arrange regular physical examinations according to age, gender, personal health condition and family history of disease. The physician will list in detail the time and types of physical examinations the patient should undergo to achieve “early discovery, early treatment.”

A Living Medical Dictionary

The family doctor can serve as a medical consultant for you and your family, providing correct and accurate medical information as well as the latest medical knowledge; he or she is your best partner in staying healthy.

At Shuang Ho Hospital, an independent outpatient area is dedicated to the Department of Family Medicine. The department has two consultation rooms and a preparatory consultation room.

The Department of Family Medicine provides consultation for patients age 16 or older.

The role of the family physician provides preliminary screenings, treatment of common diseases, as well as monitoring and treatment of long-term chronic diseases. Physicians will make recommendations for vaccinations as well as physical exam evaluations. 

Family physicians treat a wide range of illnesses such as the common cold, headaches, muscle soreness and aches, dizziness, exhaustion, indigestion, diarrhea, arthritis and rheumatism. They also provide care for chronic diseases among the middle-aged and the elderly such as illnesses ranging from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, gout, osteoporosis, and menopausal syndromes.


Your best partner for a happy healthy lifestyle – the Department of Family Medicine at Shuang Ho Hospital


The family physician is a specialist for “frequently-seen illnesses,” by providing integrated and continuous medical services regardless of age and gender. The physician takes care of your family as a whole, by providing medical advice and conducting physical examinations on a regular basis, and of course, providing treatment when anyone gets sick. Because of the role, they provide preventive medical advice and treatment, serving as the first line of defense against diseases and illnesses. Whenever you or your family members need consultation for health concerns, they can turn to their family physician for personalized care.



The family doctor is able to provide treatment for many of the common illnesses. If your condition requires the expertise of other medical specialists, the family physician is able to arrange and follow up on your condition.

The biggest difference between the family doctor and other medical specialists is the comprehensive care that the family physician gives. The family doctor provides personal healthcare, he or she would also pay close attention to the health conditions of other members of your family. The relationship with your family doctor goes beyond the physical care aspect; he or she also considers emotional and social issues. Priority is given not only to the treatment of disease but also to its prevention. The family doctor plays many diverse roles, serving as your important link to a healthier life.


You need a family doctor

When medicine becomes more complex and finely divided, it’s hard to figure out which department to go to for consultation and treatment when you need medical treatment. The family doctor will be able to provide diverse medical information and appropriate medical consultation to satisfy your needs in making the correct medical decisions. With the help you can avoid the hassles of registering for the wrong department; it makes the whole process more convenient, less time-consuming, more cost-effective and friendly. This is why you definitely need a family doctor as a partner in staying healthy.


The Future

Family medicine provides holistic patient-centered treatment as well as high quality medical consulting services. It commits to a quality of medicine that is the standard for family and community medicine at the international level, aggressively working within the community and by developing community medical services. The Department of Family Medicine hopes to fulfill the vision of a high-quality, highly efficient topnotch university hospital with the following goals in terms of teaching, research, and service:



We focus on a combination of medical knowledge and ethics and put it into practice the holistic knowledge of doctors. To continue to pioneer medical education, nurturing medical personnel and expanding community service, reinforcing community-oriented training.



To bring together evidence-based medicine in the community and clinical research, also by leading community medicine research in Taiwan's hospital for family medicine.



We provide safe and first-rate medical services, emphasize the integration of medical resources within the community and promote a healthy lifestyle among community members become a benchmark model for community medicine in Taiwan.