About Us

The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Shuang Ho Hospital has been known as well equipped with compassionate doctors of wide-range of expertise and registered nurses with state-of-the-art skills. We pursue the best quality of cares and academic achievement in women’s health for her entire life, from the periods of her firstborn, adolescence, pregnancy, delivery and perinatal care, middle-age and the menopausal age of life. We have earned a good reputation as establishing a standardized management for women’s disease, also, we dedicate ourselves especially to the healthcare of women for the surrounding societies, from annual checkup to comprehensive care for all kids of obstetrical and gynecologic diseases.

The Full Spectrum of Patient Care provided by expert care in the following areas:
   * Gynecologic cancers
   * Benign Gynecologic diseases
   * Urogynecology
   * Obstetrics and high-risk obstetrics
   * Reproductive medicine and Fertility
   * Minimally invasive surgery, Robotic surgery.
   * Ultrasounds and prenatal diagnostics

Divisions of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology:

1.  Division of Gynecological Specialties
         A.  Gynecological Cancers
  We follow the principles that cancer patients could be quickly evaluated and treated by our gynecologic oncologists, facilitated with a thorough discussion by the tumor board meeting. The extensiveness and radicality of debulking surgery for the gynecologic cancers will be individually evaluated and performed, due to the good teamwork connected with very innovative and experienced surgeons of other fields.
* Genetic surveys
* Tumor board meeting - Transdisciplinary interventions.
* Robotic surgery

         B.  Division of Urogynecology: 
* Pelvic Floor Disorders
* Urinary Incontinence
* Urodynamic study room
* Pelvic floor magnetic stimulation
* Biofeedback therapy

C.  Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all gynecologic disorders
   * Menstrual Disorders
   * Menopause
   * Endometriosis
   * Uterine myoma
   * Ovarian Cysts
   * Infectious diseases

2.   Division of Obstetrical Specialties
  * Prenatal exams
  * Fetal Assessment
  * Expertise in birthing and care
  * High-risk Obstetric Care

3.  Division of The Fertility Center (Our Services)
   * Egg, sperm and embryo freezing
   * Egg and sperm donation, and surrogacy options
   * In vitro fertilization
   *  Male infertility treatments
   * Preservation for Women with Cancer Pre-implantation genetic gnosis
   * Single-embryo transfer