About Us

Introduction of the Urological Department

Since our medical building was established in July, 2008, our department has gradually expanded with the most updated medical equipment and excellent doctors. Currently, we have 4 specialized attending physicians, 2 nurse specialists, and 3 technicians. There are Center of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, Center of Lower Urinary Tract Examination, and Center of Laparoscopic Surgery in our department. Our hospital aims for becoming a medical center; therefore, we look forward to providing the most professional, high-quality, and warmhearted medial services in the future. Additionally, cooperating with the outstanding teams nationwide and worldwide, publishing the best study results, and contributing to the society are also our goals.

Our priorities include promoting the overall quality of medical services, establishing good patient relationships, providing patient-centered care actively, and offering answers and solutions to patients’ problems. Besides, innovative treatments and services have been introduced into our department. For example, we provide the most advanced treatments, such as Bipolar Prostate Vaporization and Laser Endoscopy for Urolithiasis, as alternatives for our patients.


▲Urinary System Lithiasis:Renal calculi、ureteral calculi、bladder stone
▲Urination Diorders: Bladder weakness, frequent urination, urgent urination, frequent urination at night, enlarged prostate, prostatitis, incontinence, and urine leakage.
▲Urinary Tract Infection:painful urination, hemoturia.
▲Other urological disorders: Children and adult ingunal hernia, Spermatic Varicocele, tescular pain, hematospermia, redundant prepuce and phimosis,Cryptochidium, vasectomy for male patients, sexual dysfunction in male patients, infertility in male patients, and sexually-transmitted diseases.
▲Urinary tract tumor:Bladder tumor and kidney tumor.