About Us

About Us – Department of Ophthalmology
  The Department of Ophthalmology, Shuang Ho Hospital is dedicated to being one of the best facilities when it comes to education, research, clinical care and public service. Our center provides educational programs for ophthalmology residents and fellows, medical and graduate students, and practicing ophthalmologists. We offer the highest quality eye care available; and sponsor public programs for prevention of eye disease and injury. The Department of Ophthalmology comprises 10 full-time clinical and research faculty and 1 resident. Subspecialty patient care includes orbital disease, ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, corneal disease and surgery, contact lens care, glaucoma, cataract, vitreoretinal diseases and surgery, strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology, and low vision care.
  In the future, Shuang Ho Hospital will become one of the most important medical centers in Taiwan due to the population ageing and high population density in Yonghe District and Zhonghe District, New Taipei City where Shuang Ho Hospital provides care for. For providing health care to the aging population and the increase in demand for vision quality, Shuang Ho Hospital will become a first-class ophthalmology, education and research center. In the very near future, it is the goal of the Department and the TMU system to establish an Ophthalmology and Vision Science Center.
  The Department of Ophthalmology was established in July 2008 by Professor Wen-Ming Hsu, the former Chief of the Department of Ophthalmology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital. The current chief of the Department of Ophthalmology is Dr. Mike Yun-Dun Shen. Since the establishment of Shuang Ho Hospital, we have grown significantly under the leadership of our former department chiefs.

Our vision:
1.  First-choice for ophthalmology patients in Taiwan to seek medical advices
2.  One of the top ten ophthalmology treatment and education centers in Asia
Our mission:
1. To provide safe and excellent holistic care to patients.
2. To train ophthalmology residents and physicians.
3. To provide the highest quality of care through the adoption of the latest ophthalmology devices.
Treatments the department provides: 
1.  Treatment of Vitreoretinal diseases
2.  Cataract Treatment
3.  Eyelid plastic surgery treatment
4.  Glaucoma
5.  School children vision health care
6.  General eye disease treatment
7.  Eyelid botulinum toxin injection treatment