About Us

It is my pleasure to welcome and introduce you to the Department of Neurology of Shuang-Ho Hospital, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Our mission is to provide comprehensive medical care to our patients, leading basic, clinical and translational researches and nurturing leaders of tomorrow in Neurology and Neuroscience. All of our faculties and staff endeavor to improve the quality of care and bring cutting-edge services to the patients from the community, in Taiwan and worldwide.


Collaborating with Taipei Neuroscience Institute and the other affiliated hospitals of Taipei Medical University, we had greatly advanced in our medical equipment and integrated the world's leading experts with our team, we have the ability and confidence to provide the best services and to do state-of-the-art researches for thousands of patients suffering from neurological disorders.


Multidisciplinary and comprehensive services are the value of our department, in particular with our teams in the Sleep Center, Stroke Center,  Dementia Center, Vertigo, and Balance Center and Neuro-ICU. Our future prospect includes setting up an Epilepsy Center, PNS/ANS Center, and Movement Disorder Center to meet the clinical needs.