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Sleep Disorders
Psychosomatic disorders
Anxiety Disorders such as Panic disorder and Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Depressive and Bipolar disorders
Psychotic disorders
Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Mental retardation
Child and Adolescent mental problems
Personality disorders
Adjustment and Stress Reaction
Psychosexual problems
Eating disorders
Services to patients
Outpatient and Inpatient treatment
Day treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation
Individual and family psychotherapy
Psychological Assessment
Family and psychosocial assessment
Psychiatric consultation



Department of Psychiatry


In response to the medical needs in Chung-Ho and Yung-Ho districts, during the early establishment of the hospital, psychosomatic medicine was included as one of the important development focuses. Following the establishment of the hospital, the outpatient, day rehabilitation wards, acute wards in the Psychiatry Department, as well as the community and specialized hospitals jointly established a comprehensive network for psychological medical care and mental healthcare, to serve the community.


Currently, the Department of Psychiatry is made up of physicians, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, and occupational therapists.


1.      Attending physicians: There are currently eight full-time physicians and five part-time physicians.

They are: Chief Dr. Hsin-chien Li, Dr. Yung-chan Chen, Dr. Yao-tung Li, Dr. I-cheng Lin,Dr.Jiunn-Kae Wang,Dr.I-Chao Liu,Chia-Pei Lin,.Hsiao-Lun Ku ,Dr.Feng Jung,Dr. Yi-hang Chiu, Dr. Kuo-shuan Chung, Dr. Shou-hung Huang, and Dr. Shen-chieh Chang.

2.      Nurses: There are currently three full-time nurses for the day wards that provide professional psychological care to patients.

There are currently sixteen nurses that take shifts to serve patients in the acute ward.

3.      Psychiatrists: There are currently three full-time psychiatrists.

The psychiatrists are: Chung-ping Liu , Ying-ju Chen and Wan-lin Xie . They provide psychological assessment and treatment related services.

4.      Social worker Chia-pei Su assists patients and their immediate families in linking the related resources and provides counseling and channels negotiations on marriage and family related issues.

Social worker Shan-yu Liu assists in assessment meetings for the acute ward and hospital discharge preparation related services.

Occupational therapists: Occupational therapists Yi-ju Chen, En-chia Chang,Min-han Chen,and  Fan-ya Su currently serve patients in the department to help them rebuild their functionality in life and at work and return them to community life as soon as possible.