About Us

According to the statistics of the New Taipei City Government at the end of 106, the population of Shuanghe District over 65 years old has reached more than 90,000, indicating that the elderly population is large. The disease classification of this group is mainly cerebrovascular disease, joint degradation, pain and other diseases. The demand is large; therefore, the hospital set up a rehabilitation medicine department at the beginning of the hospital to serve the residents of Shuanghe District.

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department is located on the fifth floor of the Second Medical Building and covers an area of ??300 square meters. It includes: a spa room, exercise therapy room, electrotherapy room, consultation room, child physical therapy room, child rehabilitation treatment room, intervention training and daily training room. Speech therapy room, psychotherapy room, research and discussion room, electromyography examination room, shock wave treatment room, skeletal muscle ultrasound examination room, etc. The treatment room has good daylighting and first-class equipment. It will be officially operated since July 1, 1997.

The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine currently has 8 attending physicians and 56 rehabilitation therapists, providing physical therapy, positioning therapy, speech therapy, psychological therapy and other services. It will increase its manpower through the increase of business volume. Consistently, we are committed to improving medical standards, incorporating changes in the medical environment, and research and development and progress in medical equipment. SUB will continue to encourage colleagues in the department to go abroad for further studies, and hope to develop simultaneously with the rehabilitation departments of major medical centers around the world. Improve rehabilitation treatment and health maintenance.

After becoming a teaching hospital, the headquarters also bears great responsibilities. In accordance with school policies, it provides a place for medical students to have good clinical practice. The colleagues in this department have very high self-requirements, set a model for medical students, and lead the current Medical students complete full-person education.

Finally, in terms of research, this department is committed to rehabilitation-related medical research, including pain medicine, sports medicine, physical handicap medicine, obesity medicine, integrated analysis and big data research, etc., and also actively participates in the National Institutes of Health and the Ministry of Health and Welfare , Ministry of Science and Technology, National Health Administration, Ministry of Economics and many other clinical, basic and applied research, and can be excellent in domestic rehabilitation, obesity and sports medicine.