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General dentistry

Let me see the general dentistry? 
Dental caries, intradental inflammation, missing teeth, fixed or active dentures, tooth dumping, tooth misplacement, periodontal surgery, periodontal tissue regeneration, special alloys, salivary glands and benign malignant tumors of the head and neck, facial trauma fractures, facial face Orthodontic surgery, ankle joint disease, artificial dental implants and sputum restoration, tooth alignment, crowding, violent protrusion and other dentition correction.

【medical service】 

1.    【Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Division】 

Tooth extraction and wisdom tooth surgery extraction, artificial implant, head and neck facial infection, humerus, malocclusion and other oral surgery, facial fracture, oral cancer and oral mucosal disease, facial correction surgery (tooth, bucket)

2.    【Endodontology Department / Division】
Traditional endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), dental bleaching, endodontic surgery and vertical filling techniques

3.    【Special Outpatient Clinic for Sleep Disorders】
Oral sputum treatment

4.    【Portal facial face laser aesthetic special clinic】
Whitening at home, laser whitening or with porcelain inserts to achieve whitening effect

5.    【Shoumian calming oral treatment special clinic】
Provide dental treatment for patients with dental fear and physical and mental disorders

6.    【Gum Correction Section】 
Correction treatment and planning for teeth and tibia for various types of dentition (tooth, squat, deep bite, open bite, tiger tooth, bite)

7.    【Family Dentistry Division】
General dental treatment, comprehensive consultation, providing patients with complete treatment plan and oral health care, dental treatment before head and neck electrotherapy

8.    【Artificial implant clinic】
Artificial root implant surgery and various dentures

9.    【Restorative Dentistry Division】 
Complete edentulous reconstruction, complete denture, partial denture, crown, bridge, and treatment of various dentures

10.    【Periodontology Division】
Periodontal and oral reconstruction, soft and hard tissue diseases (periodontitis, gingivitis, alveolar osteitis, tooth atrophy)

11.    【Ankle Joints】
Ankle and chewing muscle pain and dysfunction, ankle pain, (symptoms), ankle joint abnormalities, occlusion occlusion (symptoms), occlusal pain (symptoms), facial muscle aches, occlusion adjustment, ankle correction treatment

12.    【Pedodontics and Orthodontics Division】 
Child behavior management, long teeth, teeth treatment, tooth replacement treatment, trauma treatment, tooth decay prevention, dental treatment, preventive gingival correction, etc.

13.    【Older Dental】
Occupation and reconstruction of the elderly over 65 years old and suffering from systemic diseases, denture patching, oral care, oral surgery, chewing, dysphagia