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"Root tube treatment" is the "sucking nerve" that the general public understands. As the name suggests, it is the nerve that removes the teeth. Its main purpose is to preserve the teeth and restore the function of the teeth.

When the pulp is inflamed, causing the tissue in the root canal to be destroyed by bacteria, root canal treatment must be done at this time, the inflamed tissue and bacteria in the root canal wall are removed, and washed with a large amount of syrup to make a permanent root canal. Fill to ensure that the tissue surrounding the root canal is no longer inflamed.


When the bacteria infect the nerves of the teeth, they need to receive root canal treatment: 1, the tooth decay is too deep to reach the neural tube 2, traumatic broken teeth 3, severe tooth wear leads to nerve inflammation 4, eating cold and eating hot will hurt, and the pain lasts for a long time 5, the previous root canal treatment is not complete.



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