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Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment) is also known by the general public as "nerve extraction". As the name suggests, it is to remove the nerves from the teeth. The main purpose is to preserve the teeth so that the teeth can recover their function. When the dental pulp is inflamed, causing the tissue in the root canal to be damaged by bacteria, root canal treatment must be done at this time, the inflamed tissue and bacteria in the root canal wall must be removed, and a large amount of liquid can be rinsed before a permanent root canal can be made. Filling to ensure that the tissue around the root canal of the tooth is no longer inflamed. When bacteria infect the nerves of the teeth, root canal treatment is required:

1. Tooth decay is too deep to reach the neural tube.

2. Teeth broken by trauma.

3. Severe abrasion of teeth leads to nerve inflammation.

4. Eating cold and hot will cause pain, and the pain lasts for a long time.

5. The previous root canal treatment was incomplete.


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