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Periodontology Division

I am looking at the periodontology department right? Intraoral problems such as brushing bleeding, bad breath, large teeth, teeth shaking, and missing teeth. Symptom reference: redness of the gums, swelling and pain, bleeding of the brushing teeth, thickening of the gums of the bad breath, atrophy of the gums, long teeth, shaking or loosening of the teeth, chewing and sour. Or periodontal surgery for the needs of dentures.

【medical service】
 【Oral Education】
 Make patients strengthen oral hygiene and maintain oral health.

 【planting teeth】 
The implanted tooth is implanted with a titanium rooted artificial root (plant) in the edentulous area. After the artificial root and the bone are tightly fitted (after 4 to 6 months), the artificial root can be attached. Artificial dentures. 

【plaque removal】
Thoroughly clean the teeth to prevent plaque from forming calculus.

【calculus removal】
Remove the calculus by washing or flapping to achieve a cleansing effect. 

【Cellulent treatment】 
It is based on the methods of washing teeth, root planing (calculus scraping), oral hygiene control, etc. [periodontal surgery] Surgical treatment of severe periodontal disease with gingival resection and flap surgery.

【Periodonial cosmetic surgery】
If the gums are insufficient or the gums are retracted: take other teeth in the mouth to fill them up; lip strap resection: the lip strap is too low to cause pain when brushing teeth, because the gums are naturally protected from keratinized tissue, it also causes brushing pain.

【Alveolar bone regeneration surgery】
Due to the loss of the alveolar bone, the bone powder is poured into the bone to assist in bone regeneration.

【crown growth】
Cutting off some of the gums makes the teeth look better.

【Cavity bone widening】
Loss of alveolar bone width, biocompatible material such as bone and bone powder is added to increase width