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I am looking at the fake dentistry? The treatment of dentures is the reconstruction of defects, which are more of a nature of rehabilitation. Therefore, it is necessary to make dentures after all oral diseases have been controlled. During the reconstruction of the oral cavity, the types of dentures include traditional crowns and bridges, resin-adhesive bridges (Marybridge), porcelain inlays, porcelain covers, porcelain veneers (above fixed dentures), local activities Denture, full denture, covered active meaning, precision attachment device removable denture, facial face patch and the most advanced artificial implant patch and so on. Symptom reference: partial missing teeth, multiple missing teeth, full mouth missing teeth 

【medical service】
[Active Dentures]
Because of budgetary considerations or large bone defects, patients use local active dentures for repairs, and they can take their own exports.

[Fixed dentures]
The teeth before and after the edentulous area were used for the practice, and then the fixed dentures were made and adhered to the front and rear teeth, which could not be taken down by themselves.

[full mouth activity dentures]
There are no teeth in the patient's mouth. Active dentures must be attached to the gums and use soft tissue to support the bite force.

[all porcelain crown]
The inner layer of the fixed denture has no metal, and the lithium bismuth citrate or zirconium chloride is used as the inner layer of the denture, and the transparency is good and the appearance is good.

[plant denture]
Manual implants are used to support fixed dentures or locally active dentures or full-mouth removable dentures.

[Artificial implant] 
The artificial tooth root is implanted in the edentulous area to make the denture, and the implant and the bone are integrated into the bone. 

[Precious metal inlay] 
The fang area is relatively large and cannot be filled with resin or silver powder. Therefore, the lead body is used as a complex, and the inlay may be a sheet metal or a porcelain block.

 [Porcelain Inlay]  
The porcelain block has high light transmittance, natural and beautiful color, high biocompatibility, cold and heat conduction characteristics and hardness close to the enamel, and does not hurt the teeth. It is the closest material to the natural tooth.

[People's opinion feedback]
Mr. Lin is 35 years old / male: Last year, the locomotive hit the front teeth, but fortunately, the double and the hospital gave me a pair of new front teeth, so I didn't have to wear a mask to go out. The friendly and careful explanations of the doctors here make me understand the content of each treatment and it is worth recommending. Miss Lai 50 years old / female: I have always had problems with brushing my teeth and I have no strength in starting to bite things in the past few months. The teeth on the right side are not very comfortable. I came to the dental examination and found that there was a problem with periodontal disease. Thank you, Dr. Lin. Careful treatment and keen observation help me discover diabetes together, and after installing new dentures, I can rest assured that I can eat.