About Us

Department of Orthodontics


    The Department of Orthodontics was founded at the very beginning of the Hospital. With highly trained staff, it provides professional and trustworthy treatments for the people searching for better lookings and better livings.


    Based on biological mother natural ability and modern innovations, our department provides the reliable and newest modalities to give you well-aligned teeth, beautiful smiles,  well functional chewing, as well as growth guidance and growth modification for your faces and dentitions.



Fixed orthodontic appliances    are contemporary basic tools to treat malaligned teeth. Beyond traditional fixed edgewise bracket system, our department provides up to date SLB system for fixed appliances. Different from other SLB  treatment protocols, our department developed innovated SLB mechanism which provides a painless and efficient way throughout the treatment journey. 



    With the advancement of digital dentistry, removable aligners become swarming methods to treat malaligned teeth.(2019) Our department provides commercial aligner systems as well as the self-developed aligner systems for aesthetic and new techniques for the treatment journey.


[Smile Design]

    With the digital smile design software, the goal of smile design can be visualized both by the doctors and the people searching for a better smile.


[Growth Guidance]

    Utilize the ability that mother nature given, our department uses removable and fixed appliances as well as aligner systems to guide growth toward much more favorable ways.


[Oral Habit Guidance and Muscle Training]

    Focus on the equilibrium of the oral cavity and the airway, not only treat the teeth but also the breath, our department finds parahabits and treat at the right time to gain better and more stable treatment results.


[Orthognathic Surgery]

    When orthodontic treatment alone is not the best choice, interdisciplinary consultation and treatment will be considered. Along with the oral surgery department, our department provides visual treatment objectives for the prevision of the treatment outcomes.