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pediatric dentistry


Can I see children's dentistry right? The responsibility of children's dentistry is to maintain the health of the child's mouth so that the children's teeth and face can develop soundly. Children's dentistry is like a pediatrics, and the treatment targets children and adolescents growing from development (from 0 to 18 years old). Symptom reference: Patients under the age of 18, toothache, deciduous teeth, fluoride, pit and fissure seal, filling teeth and other dental problems.


medical service

[Children's dental health education and oral hygiene guidance]

Children can establish the concept of correct oral hygiene from an early age.

Tooth filling, groove filling, cavity filling

The teeth are treated with cavities and the teeth have deep grooves and fissures.

[Children's denture space maintainer]

Children are lost due to the elevation of the deciduous teeth and the lack of deep caries. Space maintainers are needed to maintain the space for permanent teeth to germinate.


[Children's full mouth rehabilitation]

Full mouth serious dental caries, missing teeth, need full mouth reconstruction to restore functional chewing function.

[Dental Disorders Dental Treatment]

People with physical and mental disabilities often have problems with tooth cleaning due to inconvenience.

[Full mouth reconstruction under general anesthesia]

Because of his age, he did not understand, and his behavior could not be combined with outpatient treatment and combined with severe dental caries.

[plaque removal]

Plaque is one of the main causes of dental caries, giving oral hygiene guidance and dental cleaning methods to reduce plaque formation.

Long teeth, cute teeth, tooth replacement treatment, trauma treatment During the tooth change, because there is no concept of the importance of oral hygiene, it is easy to tooth decay. It is recommended that the molars be used for groove filling and fluorine coating to prevent tooth decay. If the tooth is dropped due to trauma, soak the tooth in the ice milk and seek medical attention as soon as possible. [Preventive gingival correction] In the case of a child, he is examined by a correctional physician to avoid future problems or to alleviate the severity of the problem; the treatment consists of sequential extraction and space maintenance.


Fluorizing and dental caries prevention The combination of calcium ions and fluorine, the main component of the teeth, increases the ability of the teeth to fight against acidic substances produced by bacteria. [Children's Behavior Control] Using psychological behavior management, children are not afraid to see teeth and receive treatment.


Gum Correction Root Canal Treatment Dental pulp necrosis or dental caries cause pulp necrosis. [General teeth, multiple teeth extraction] The problem of changing teeth in a mixed dentition and the problem of abnormal number of teeth in childhood.

Tooth trauma treatment Children are active, often due to falls, accidental tooth trauma, need to be dealt with immediately. [tooth replantation] Dental trauma and shedding, tooth resistance problems, treatment with replantation.