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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Division

I am looking at oral orthopedic surgery? Implanted teeth, gingival deformities, facial trauma and fractures, surgery and reconstruction of benign and malignant oral tumors, odontogenic cellulitis, and missing teeth. Symptom reference: toothache, inflammation and infection of the gums, mouth ulcers, long oral foreign bodies, abnormal tooth germination, malocclusion.

【medical service】
General extraction, wisdom tooth extraction, complicated tooth extraction and surgical extraction
For some teeth that are severely tooth decay, severely shaken after periodontal disease, trauma, injury in the tibia and inflammation, and can not be retained in the mouth, provide perfect treatment; for systemic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high Patients with blood pressure and coagulopathy are given professional assessments and safe surgical procedures.

【oral tumor and oral cancer treatment】
Oral soft and hard tissues, like other tissues in the human body, may have the formation of tumors and even cancer. In the case of treatment, surgical resection can be used to avoid subsequent unpredictable changes.

【oral reconstruction surgery】
Most of the facial defects in the face are from the gaps created after the removal of the facial tumor, and the facial appearance is reconstructed by transplantation of the autologous free flap.

【Salivary gland problem treatment, surgery】
There are three major salivary glands and many small salivary glands in the mouth. There are opportunities for pain or swelling due to infection, stones or tumors. Surgery can be used to remove stones and improve infection.

【Cleft lip and cleft palate repair after alveolar bone fracture】
Improve the oral cavity by skin flap repair and bone graft surgery, and restore oral health.

【facial correction surgery (tooth, bucket, face deformity asymmetry)】
For some patients with abnormal occlusion and facial disharmony due to bone growth and development, the position of the bone is changed by surgery to achieve good chewing function and beauty.

【Artificial Implantation Surgery】
For patients with partial edentulous and full-mouth reconstruction, artificial roots (implants) and denture crowns or dentures are used to restore and reconstruct chewing function.

【Pre-surgical preparation for dentures】
Some conditionally limited oral environments are not conducive to the production of removable dentures. Pre-dental preparation surgery can be used to improve and create some environment to help the stability of the denture and the comfort of wearing (a. plasty b. vestibule Type c. Heightening of the gums)

【oral facial infection treatment, oral facial tissue inflammation】
Severe bacterial infections can affect the face and neck through teeth and mouth, affecting and endangering the patient's life. By injecting antibiotics in hospital, surgically cutting and draining to inhibit infection and restore health.

【Face treatment on the face and face】
Accidents such as car accidents, sports injuries often cause facial and facial trauma, light soft tissue lacerations, tooth damage, severe facial bone fracture, massive bleeding; reconstruction of the occlusal relationship and proper reduction of the ankle and tibia, Restore chewing function and facial appearance

【Ankle surgery】
Rescuing the occlusal function by surgery for the ankle problem caused by trauma and disease

【Submucosal fibrosis surgery】
Oral mucosa may cause fibrosis due to the stimulation of foreign objects, and the mouth is limited. The operation of removing fibrous tissue to restore normal mouth opening function

【Sacral cyst surgery】
Generally, cysts in the tibia may be caused by inflammation of the teeth and changes in cells. Surgery is performed to restore the health and integrity of the tibia.