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Family Dentistry Division

Let me see the family dentistry right?
Oral health examination, general cleaning, oral disease and health consultation, filling of tooth decay, simple extraction and simple treatment of root canal treatment, initial treatment of emergency trauma, planting of traumatic teeth, single crown and bridge construction.
medical service

【medical service】
【oral health check】
In addition to teeth, periodontal, pay special attention to the examination of mucosa and tibia

【General cleaning】
The use of instruments to remove the calculus attached to the surface of the teeth, in addition to hindering the appearance of the calculus, due to the rough surface, bacteria can easily adhere to it, forming plaque, and plaque is the culprit of periodontal disease. It can cause gingivitis and periodontitis, so "cleaning teeth" is one of the methods to prevent and treat periodontal disease.

【oral disease and health consultation】
Consultation on oral health information

【Tooth filling】
Since the tooth itself has no repairing ability, after the cavity is formed, only the bad tissue around the cavity can be removed by the method of complexing the tooth, and then filled in with appropriate materials to restore the ability to chew.
[Simple extraction and simple treatment of root canal treatment]
For some teeth that are severely tooth decay, severely shaken after periodontal disease, trauma, injury in the tibia and inflammation, and can not be retained in the mouth, complete treatment; remove all tissues in the pulp cavity to remove infection Tissue and bacteria, when the bacteria are cleaned, the tissue around the teeth can be inflamed.

【Preliminary treatment of emergency trauma】
Disposal of teeth or soft tissue when traumatized. [planting of traumatic teeth] Return the fallen teeth to the original gullet. [Single crown and bridge production] The edentulous or dentate teeth are reshaped in the manner of fixed dentures.