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I am looking at implant dentistry?
Artificial implants are artificial roots made from man-made materials, planted in the upper or lower alveolar bones, and become the foundation to support the crown or bridge connected above the artificial root.

【medical service】
[Artificial implant surgery]
Artificial implants are artificial roots made from man-made materials, planted in the alveolar bone of the upper or lower jaw, and become the foundation to support the crown or bridge connected above the artificial root.

[plant dental radiology diagnosis]
CT is referred to as CT, which refers to the image presented by computer processing, which can fully reveal the patient's oral condition, including: periodontal condition, bone condition (length, width, height, density, shape, angle...), tooth alignment The physical condition of the teeth itself, the distribution of nerve blood vessels, etc., allow the implant dentist to give the best treatment advice for the patient's condition, which is an auxiliary tool for today's dental implant surgery.

[Soft and hard tissue surgery related to artificial implants]
Artificial implant denture
Corrective anchoring implant surgery
Dental care

[Soft and hard tissue surgery related to artificial implants]
Contains the following; I, mucosa, gingival surgery II, mucosa, gingival regeneration and tissue engineering III, bone tissue surgery IV, bone regeneration and tissue engineering V, nasal floor, sinus floor elevation surgery VI, bone grafting

[Artificial implant denture]
Divided into fixed and removable dentures

[corrective anchoring implant surgery]
Traditional orthodontic treatments act as a corrective anchor (immobilized support point) with adjacent teeth or an extraoral device to achieve the effect of moving the teeth. At present, the clinical development of the mini bone nail or bone plate locked into the humerus, providing additional anchoring during correction, improving the convenience and effectiveness of correction

1. Do not rub the mouth, spit or suck, and play with the wound after surgery, so as not to cause the suture to fall off and affect the wound healing. 2. The implanted area has been sutured. If the condition of oozing blood is normal, don't worry; if there is continuous bleeding, please contact us as soon as possible. 3. Please apply as much ice as possible on the day of surgery to reduce swelling and pain. Ice is applied for about 5 to 10 minutes and rest for 5 minutes. Repeatedly, try to apply ice to bed. 4. If the face is still slightly swollen after more than 48 hours, please change the hot compress, and the swelling effect is good. (The oral medicine contains a swelling drug, which usually gradually disappears after 3 to 4 days after surgery; some people may have local blood stasis after surgery, which will be automatically eliminated, and it has nothing to do with infection, some people will not Swollen, depending on your physique, don't worry).5. On the evening of the operation, you can use 2 pillows to raise your head to reduce the swelling in the operation area; avoid strenuous exercise, such as jogging, swimming, ball sports, excessive stairs, etc., to avoid wound infection or affect wound healing. . 6. You can eat after the anesthetic has subsided; do not smoke, drink alcohol, avoid overheating, hard, crisp, fried and other foods. You can boil food, noodles and other foods, eat easily, or eat liquids such as liquids. Buttermilk, milk or juice (fruit juice is rich in vitamin C, can help the wound heal), do not use straw to reduce the pressure and stimulation of the wound, but still need to pay attention to nutritional supplements to help the wound healing. 7. Please brush your teeth carefully after surgery. Do not brush into the operation area, and do not use toothpaste a few days after surgery (because the contents of the toothpaste will stimulate the wound and affect the healing). Pay attention to the use of dental floss to help clean. 8. On the third day after surgery, the doctor will give mouthwash according to his or her personal condition, and use it after meals and after brushing to keep the mouth clean. (Mouthwash can be diluted). 9. Please follow the doctor's instructions and prescription medication. This is part of the care. All medicines are required. There are anti-inflammatory drugs, powerful painkillers, stomach medicines, anti-tumor medicines, etc. Please do not change and stop the medicine. . 10. Avoid staying up late, so as not to affect wound healing