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Older Dental

I am looking at the elderly dentistry? For the elderly and children over the age of 65, all the oral and dental problems can be restored and functionalized as soon as possible after complete and proper treatment and rehabilitation.

【medical service】
[Active Dentures]
Because of budgetary considerations or large bone defects, patients use local active dentures for repairs, and they can take their own exports.

[Fixed dentures]
The teeth before and after the edentulous area were used for the practice, and then the fixed dentures were made and adhered to the front and rear teeth, which could not be taken down by themselves.

[full mouth activity dentures]
There are no teeth in the patient's mouth. Active dentures must be attached to the gums and use soft tissue to support the bite force.

[root canal treatment]
All the tissues in the pulp cavity are extracted to remove infected tissues and bacteria. When the bacteria are cleaned, the tissue around the teeth can be inflamed.

[Artificial implant]
The artificial tooth root is implanted in the edentulous area to make the denture, and the implant and the bone are integrated into the bone.

【Cellulent treatment】
It is based on the methods of washing teeth, root planing (calculus scraping), oral hygiene control, etc.

[plaque removal]
Thoroughly clean the teeth to prevent plaque from forming calculus.

[Oral Education]
Make patients strengthen oral hygiene and maintain oral health.