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I am looking at the Department of Oral Medicine? Diagnosis and treatment of oral mucosal lesions and oral facial pain, oral cancer screening, differential diagnosis of teeth and periodontal related lesions, differential diagnosis of oral and facial tumors, intraoral devices for stagnation and night molars, and subsequent chasing, oral lesions Dental medical assessment and care consultation. Symptom reference: red and white spots, oral mucosal fibrosis, hot red burning in the mouth, molars, intraoral ulcer, mucosal hyperplasia, oral lichen planus and other oral problems.

【medical service】
【Oral mucosal lesions】
Through medical history, complaints, oral examination palpation, and laboratory tests for differential diagnosis.

【oral pain】
Perform an eye examination and palpation of the ankle joint and attached muscle structure to differentiate the diagnosis.

【oral cancer screening】
The doctor visually or palpates the palpation of the oral mucosa and the lymph node chain of the neck to see if there is a suspected precancerous lesion or a sign of cancer.

【Diagnostic diagnosis of tooth and periodontal related lesions】
The full-mouth teeth are divided into four quadrants, the upper, lower, left and right, and the front teeth, all of which need to be diagnosed by X-ray photography or RVG photography.

【Differential diagnosis of facial tumors】
It is divided into physical examination, imaging examination, pathological examination, etc., and oral palpation, percussion and neuro-electrical tests are performed.

【Intraoral device and follow-up tracking for sputum and night molars】
Ask about medical history, intraoral occlusion, ankle joint examination and evaluation of the production of the bite plate and the stagnation device.

【Dental medical assessment and care consultation for people with oral lesions】
Early differential diagnosis and follow-up care are provided by medical history or oral hygiene habits.