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According to the World Health Organization, when the proportion of the elderly population over 65 years old reaches 7%, it is called "aging society", and 14% is "aged society". If it is 20%, it is called "super aged society". The ratio of the elderly population of Taiwan exceeded 7% in 1993. The geriatric population in Taiwan has accelerated since 2011. On March of this year, the proportion of the elderly population over 65 years old in Taiwan reached 14.05%, officially entering into the aged society. Because of rapid population aging, the quality of life and well-being of the elderly bring great challenges to Taiwan's medical and long-term care systems.

    The disease of the elderly is often multiple causes, and is presented in atypical or non-specific clinical manifestations. If it is not treated promptly, it will be rapidly deteriorated, and the curative effect is poor. Even after the cure, the elderly are easy to lose their ability of daily living activities, and need rehabilitation and following long-term care. Due to the complexity of disease and the variability of treatment prognosis, for elderly patients, interprofessional collaborative practice and a complete and detailed assessment of physical function are required. In addition to curing the disease, early intervention and prevention are performed for the elderly patient with functional deterioration.

    Therefore, our hospital established the Department of Geriatrics and Gerontology in October (2018). We offered an integrated outpatient clinic and a medical ward for the elderly over 65 years old with geriatric syndrome or multiple diseases and multiple medications, combined with long-term care system. Providing a friendly, patient-centered, integrated medical service is expected to provide comprehensive care for elderly patients.