About Us

About Us
  The Department of Anesthesia now has a director, 18 full-time attending physicians, 3 nurse technicians, 67 anesthesia technicians, 17 recovery room nurses, and 1 secretary.
  Anesthesiology is a clinical applied science. Anesthesiologists not only have professional knowledge and techniques but also work closely with surgeons and other medical professional colleagues. For each patient receiving surgery, we assess their physiological condition carefully and provide an optimal anesthetic plan that is comfortable and safe for them. We are committed to delivering the highest quality and safest care to our patients so that the surgical treatment can be completed smoothly.
  The scope of clinical services for modern anesthesia specialists has extended to critical medical care, respiratory treatment, pain medicine, resuscitation service and in the other medical fields. Anesthesia service has become an indispensable part of improving the quality of medical care.
  Our vision is to establish a culture with continuous growth. Our mission is to provide safe anesthesia to each patient.

Medicine Treatments & Services
1.    Clinical anesthesia and general intraoperative care
2.    Pre-anesthesia evaluation
3.    Post-anesthesia visit
4.    Emergent airway management outside of the operating room
5.    Resuscitation outside of the operating room
6.    Professional education for nurse anesthetists
7.    Programs for nurse anesthetist trainees