About Us

Introduction of Division of Nephrology


We have nine visiting staffs in our division of nephrology currently. Among them, three are full-professor faculties of our medical college and two are assistant professors. Professor Wu is also our superintendent of hospital, and Lin is vice-superintendent and charges education of all hospital members and students. Professor Hsu is the chief of division and also the director of education department of this hospital. We also have medical residents, 10 nursing practitioners and medical students.


Generally, around 60 hospitalized patients daily we care and monthly 5000 out patients in our clinics. The hemodialysis center performs 5800 session of patient treatment per month, and there are 130 patients receiving peritoneal dialysis in our PD center. We have a specialized chronic kidney disease center for disease prevention and education. A community CKD program has been carried out for many years and expanded national wide.


Medical researches including dry lab and wet lab are our important parts of our division. Research interests include clinical and basic intervention of acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease and also the AKI-CKD continuum. We have a translational research center charging the basic and clinical correlates. We are also studying several large and national data cohorts with cooperation with several institutes.