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Taipei Medical University – Shuang Ho Hospital

Infectious Disease



1.     Diagnosis and treatment of Infectious Diseases Fever of unknown origin, sepsis,

        pneumonia, liver abscess, urinary tract infection, cellulites and osteomyelitis,

        tuberculosis, dengue fever etc.,

2.     Communicable Diseases & Prevention report system

3.     Infection control policies

Including Exposure Control Plan (multi-resistant bacteria), 

Hand Hygiene Policy, Infection Control Interventions and the Tuberculosis

Infection Control Program

4.     Environmental surveillance (dialysis RO water, endoscope and medical supply)

        and outbreak investigation.

5.     Center of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Prevention and Treatment


      The Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology at Shuang Ho Hospital is dedicated to:

 l     Providing the highest quality care to patient care in both the inpatient and outpatient

          setting with infectious diseases

 l     Providing total care to inpatient and outpatient setting with HIV and other STD

 l     Provides general ward and Immunocompromised inpatient consultation services

 l     Training the medical students and residents in the discipline of ID


     The Division pursues this mission through its teaching, research, and service

     activities at the county and national levels.


1.      Short term

l          Provide patient oriented medical services

l          Enforce research microbiology laboratory and international medical activities

l          Encourage physicians to study MD/ PhD program

2.      Mid-term

l          Integration of advanced scientific techniques

l          Improving and increasing the number of scientific journals publications

3.      Long-term

l          To be the sponsorship for an International meeting

l          Improving the research capability and innovation

l          Implement national level patient safety goals