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* 1.About SHH
  □ 1-1.About Shuang Ho
  □ 1-2.Vision & Mission
  □ 1-3.Award and Accreditation

* 2.Patient Resources
  □ 2-1.How to Make an Appointment
  □ 2-2.Fee schedule
  □ 2-3.FQA
  □ 2-4.Area map and direction
  □ 2-5.Patient rights and responsibilities

* 3.Medical Services
  □ 3-1.Find a Physician
  □ 3-2.Specialized Medical Center
        □ 3-2-1.Cancer Center
        □ 3-2-2.Dialysis Center
  □ 3-3.Aesthetic Laser Center
  □ 3-4.Disabled Patient Oral Health Care Center
  □ 3-5.PET-CT Center
  □ 3-6.Radiation Therapy Center
  □ 3-7.Sleep Center
  □ 3-8.Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center
  □ 3-9.Stroke Center

  * 4.Links
  □ 4-1.Government
  □ 4-2.Embassies
  □ 4-3.Accommodation & Travel

* 5.Contact Us

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